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Dave Scadden's hot new Dragonfly X1 is the 8ft inflatable Pram with an attitude!  It is lightweight, portable and built to handle anything you can throw at it.  Its rigid inflatable self-bailing floor system enables you to stand up and sight fish with confidence or sit down and relax.   At the end of the day it will roll up and fit in a compact car or stow in an airline specific travel bag for destination travel. It is a highly effective fishing tool that excels in both stillwater and whitewater alike.  Dave will show you just how effective it is on one of his favorite stillwater fisheries in southwest Wyoming. When you lose track of how many fish you've caught and you can't sleep at night because of a sore shoulder from setting the hook you know you've arrived.  It's fall and the fish are bulking up for winter…they are slamming streamers so hard they almost rip the rod out of your hand!  Enjoy!  We would like to extend a special thank you to Adam and Kelly Guild from Guild Ranch. They work hard to maintain a world class fishery in the high plains of Wyoming. Thank you guys for a fantastic job and some amazing fish!


Dave Scadden's new 2016 Switch Blade revolutionizes the framed double pontoon concept.  Dave Scadden literally invented the double pontoon boat over 25 years ago.  His new Switch Blade takes that same concept to otherworldly levels.  The new Switch Blade is super low profile, making it superior in the wind to any pontoon craft ever made.  It literally defies the wind.  Its rigid fully rockered hull design allows it to skate across the surface with astounding speed and agility.  Dave fitted the Switch Blade with his super lightweight Dragonfly frame that straps into place in seconds.  His new quick draw pocket system clips instantly into place with a cool new Fastex buckle setup.

The new Switch Blade will blow you away….the wind won't!


2016 Contenter Package

Retail:  $6,999.00
Sale:  $4,999.00

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                          2016 Dragonfly XT Ranger Package:
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